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Robert Hambrick Photo 1Guns are pervasive in our culture yet many people do not understand gun-related laws. nor the implications of a felony weapon conviction. Most don’t realize that convictions even for nonviolent felonies strip them of their rights to carry guns for hunting, defense or even merely for display. Escalating violent crimes involving guns prompted Florida lawmakers to establish the 10-20-Life punishment policy as a gun deterrent. A firearms charge may result in mandatory minimum jail time, fines, a criminal record and being denied the future use of firearms.

If you’re under investigation from local Tampa Bay law enforcement, from the FBI or from a Grand Jury investigation you need to hire the best Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney for your needs who will immediately begin working to have your case reduced or dismissed.

Robert explains Florida’s criminal laws on weapons, firearms and guns.

As a former prosecutor in Pinellas county, and with experience in dealing with a variety of state and federal weapons charges, Clearwater Criminal Lawyer Robert Hambrick knows how to look for weaknesses in a weapons charge.

The legal procedures under federal law for selling guns and weapons are very strict. An illegal sale can result in a merchant losing their license to sell guns and weapons. For an unlicensed dealer charged with an illegal sale of a weapon, there are stiff penalties including felony charges. Even harsher judgements are given for gun trafficking or weapons smuggling and offenders may not only face charges from the State, but possible Federal fire or weapons charges. Lately federal agents have begun investigating and charging average Americans with felony firearm sales for selling their weapons over the internet at a profit.

Some find themselves facing serious weapons charges because weapons counts were added to other criminal charges even if the weapon was not used. Firing or discharging a gun of firearm during a criminal act requires a minimum sentencing punishable by a 20 year mandatory imprisonment. Causing serious bodily injury from a gun or firearm during a criminal act requires a sentencing punishable by a 25 year to life minimum sentence. Clearly, it’s important to have the best Tampa Bay Defense Attorney for your needs defending you.

Robert Hambrick will defend against charges for unlawful discharge, endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful concealment, displaying a weapon in a threatening manner, felon in possession, armed robbery and armed burglary as well as federal weapons charges including possession of controlled weapons including machine guns, grenades and explosives.