Sex Crimes


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Sex offenders in Florida generally attract great attention from law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. The mere allegation of a sex crime can ruin someone’s life. It’s important for the defense to conduct an investigation as soon as possible. Many times these types of cases are based upon a mere accusation without substantial physical evidence.


Too often hysteria and prejudice determine the outcome of sex cases. In these types of allegations false accusations are common, especially when there is a great discrepancy of wealth or social status or age between the accused and the alleged victim. Further, the cases are often based on the testimony of an individual who may have motives not not be honest. Each and every discrepancy in testimony and facts must be found and once found properly exploited in order to achieve a fair result.

Florida has very harsh penalties for any person convicted of a sexual motivated crime and most require that the individual register as a sexual offender on the Florida’s sexual predators list in addition to other criminal penalties such as imprisonment, probation and fines. Obtaining the best prepared lawyer quickly after an accusation is often the best protection for your future.

Statute changes as well as how the Courts are interpreting new law constantly changes the consequences and best defenses for many sexual crimes such as lewd and lascivious conduct, sexual battery and pornography. Robert Hambrick is a knowledgeable lawyer with a complete knowledge of all aspects of sex crimes law in the Tampa Bay area and how this affects law enforcement investigations, arrests, search warrants and the conduct of criminal sexual battery cases.

More than in most other cases these allegations demand the immediate assistance of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. Robert Hambrick handles the following sex crimes in Pinellas county and the Tampa Bay area: Federal Crimes such as Child Pornography, Internet Sex Crimes, Lewd and Lascivious Conduct, Rape, Sexual Battery or Assault, Sexual Molestation, Solicitation or Prostitution and Statutory Rape.