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Robert Hambrick Photo 1If you, a member of your family or someone you love is being subjected to a Federal investigation or a Grand Jury proceeding you need an effective, reliable and trustworthy advocate who understands Federal criminal law and will stand up for you to fight for your rights.

Robert Hambrick will help you make the most important decisons of you life by helping you find the Best Possible Results.

Robert tells you how to find the Best Results in Federal Cases, Federal Grand Jury Investigations, Pleas, Guidelines & Sentencing.


The grim truth is that Federal Defendants often face the very real possibility of conviction when confronting Federal charges that can trigger harsh Minimum Mandatory Sentences and significant Federal Sentencing Guideline Levels that may reduce the Judge’s discretion to give a lower sentence.

Anyone confronted with a federal criminal charge or a federal grand jury investigation should seek the advice of a Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Attorney who has actual winning Federal Trial experince in complex criminal cases and who also excels in handling Federal Plea Agreements. Robert Hambrick is knowledgable and creative, giving his clients viable options for finding the best possible results.

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court made a startling statement, “Because ours is for the most part a system of pleas, not a system of trials, it is insufficient simply to point to the guarantee of a fair trial as a backstop that inoculates any errors in the pretrial process. To a large extent … horse trading between prosecutor and defense counsel determines who goes to jail and for how long. That is what plea bargaining is… it is the criminal justice system.”

Robert Hambrick gives you an aditional negotiation advantage with prosecutors in that they have lost some significant Federal Cases that went to Jury Trial to him. Success in Federal Trials insures that Robert Hambrick will be successful in negotiating exceptional plea outcomes. See Robert Hambrick: My Life in Court for a full detailing of his many succesful Federal Jury Trials, inclucing a Not Guilty Juy Verdict in a Federal Drug Trafficking Case involving over three tons of cocaine, about one-tenth of the entire cocaine consumption in the U.S. each year according to the DEA and FBI.

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courtroominbluemarblewoodIf you’re under investigation from local Tampa Bay law enforcement, from the DEA, the IRS,the FBI or from a Federal Grand Jury investigation you need to hire the best Clearwater Federal Criminal Attorney for your needs. Because of the highly specialized nature of the federal crime system, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney experienced in the area of federal crime law and procedure. Federal rules of evidence are different from state rules, and federal rules governing sentencing are so complicated that most state practitioners are not sufficiently trained to interpret them, let alone argue them.

The federal criminal statutes (set forth mostly in Title 18 of the United States Code) contain over 120 categories of crimes, organized by subject matter. Title 18 also contains the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which set forth the rules which govern the handling of criminal cases from start to finish. The most prevalent types of federal criminal cases are: drug violations, immigration law violations, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank robbery, gun offenses (such as a felon in possession of a firearm), child pornography, counterfeiting, identity theft, conspiracy, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, antitrust violations, and crimes of any type which occur on federal property or in federal buildings.

The general trend in criminal law has been increasingly “federalized,” meaning that more and more are offenses subject to federal prosecution. With his wealth of knowledge, experience and federal trial work, when you or a loved one most has a need for a Tampa Bay Federal Defense Lawyer, Robert Hambrick is who you should contact.


The federal crime process begins at the time of arrest and continues until either the accused enters a plea, goesto trial, or the case is otherwise disposed.

From beginning to end, there are hearings, conferences and motions. If the Federal Defendant is found guilty at trial or if the Defendant pleads guilty the Federal District Judge will require the Federal Probation Department to complete a Presentencing Report which will establish the federal guildeline range from which the Federal Judge will sentence. Making effective and timely objections to the Report and to the prevailing Federal Guideline range are important and significant defense strategies.

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