Robert Hambrick’s Biography

Robert Hambrick Photo 1Robert Hambrick’s character, commitment, compassion, experience and dedication to his clients have led to many successful dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts in complex criminal Trials.

Robert Hambrick’s winning Courtroom skills – honed, sharpened and tested in Tampa Bay Courts – assures his Clients of a competitive edge when he intervenes with Prosecutors and Judges for the Best Possible Results for his clients.

Robert tells you the secret of Courtroom Success, dedication to the goal of always Finding the Best Possible Result for his Clients.


Excellent Outcomes of Criminal Defense Trials:courtroomwoodyellowsunlit

  1. At Trial in Pinellas Circuit Court, Possession of a Sawed-off Shotgun carrying a five year mandatory minimum sentence. The Defendant was a child who was tried as an adult, because Pinellas County prosecutors refused to treat him as a juvenile and even objected to the child being treated as a Youthful Offender despite the fact that the child had no prior record. The Defendant possessed the firearm when using the butt of the shotgun to break into a Doctor’s Mercedes Benz without firing a shot. Robert Hambrick strongly believes this Child’s life should not be destroyed for one foolish mistake and demands a Trial by Jury. Jury Verdict as to the Sawed-Off Shotgun charge: NOT GUILTY
  2. At trial Tampa Federal Court, Federal Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine with potential life imprisonment. Defendant caught with 3.5 tons (yes, tons) of cocaine with an estimated street value of $1 billion. After a six week Trial by Jury, the verdict for Robert Hambrick’s client, a citizen of Lithuania: NOT GUILTY Robert Hambrick receives letter of thanks and praise from the Ambassador of Lithuania. (Lithuania_Ambassador_Letter)
  3. At Trial Tampa Federal Court, Federal Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana at multiple Marijuana Grow Houses with potential 20 years of incarceration: All Charges against Robert Hambrick’s client Dismissed after Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal from the Defense, the Government having failed to prove it’s case. (Tampa Tribune Article)

Excellent Outcomes of Criminal Cases Without Trial:courtroommarblelight

  1. Defendant charged with Scheme to Defraud. Jury Trial set when Pinellas Prosecutors fail to drop all of the charges though the Defendant from day one strongly stated that he was not involved in any type of fraud. Pinellas Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Hambrick believes his client, launching a unique defense. Under withering questioning clueless law enforcement witnesses and alleged victims who admit in Discovery Depositions that they had not lost any money only the prospect of future profits. Hambrick receives a Nolle Prosequi dismissing the case one week before the scheduled Jury Trial. The Nolle Prosequi states to the Court that the case is being dismissed “…for the reason that further investigation of this case by the State Attorney’s Office has revealed that further prosecution is not warranted.”
  2. Defendant charged in the Middle District of Florida with Scheme to Defraud, Medicaid Fraud, Medicare Fraud as well as Conspiracy to Defraud the Government involving millions of dollars in Fraud. Defendant faced up to twenty years in Federal Prison with a guideline range of five years to seven years according to the Pre-sentencing Report. Defense Counsel Robert Hambrick persuades the Federal Magistrate to allow his Client to receive experimental medical treatment for the client’s Hepatitis C at Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville. Later, at Federal Sentencing Robert Hambrick argues that the Defendant is receiving non-FDA approved drugs for his Hepatitis C and because the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) does not allow federal prisoners to receive any non-FDA approved drugs, the Defendant can not be sent to federal prison. Over the Federal Prosecutor’s vehement objections the Federal District Judge agrees with Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer Hambrick despite the fact that his client has an arrest warrant for absconding to a Trafficking in Marijuana charge out of the state of Louisiana.
  3. Defendant charged with two drug felony counts in Pinellas County, Possession of Codone and Possession of Marijuana. Both counts dismissed by Motion of the State Attorney, Bernie McCabe.
  4. Defendant charged with felony Aggravated Domestic Battery. Pinellas Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Hambrick conducts an immediate, intense and exhaustive investigation into all of the facts and circumstances of the case and gives the new information he obtains to the Pinellas prosecutors including medical records, witness testimony and evidence of other crimes committed by the alleged victim. Before the scheduled Jury Trial Hambrick receives a NO INFORMATION, dismissing the felony charge against his client. The NO INFORMATION notice states as follows: “The State Attorney, having taken testimony under oath at a State Attorney investigation, concludes that the facts and circumstances revealed do not warrant prosecution at this time.”
  5. Defendant charged with felony Software Piracy and Fraud. Robert Hambrick’s extraordinary defense finds that the Tampa Sheriff’s Department Detective who initiated the case had recently been to an all expenses paid seminar conducted by the alleged victim, Microsoft. Two weeks before the scheduled Jury Trial all charges against the Defendant are dropped by the State Attorney’s Office.
  6. Defendant charged in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court in Tampa with Trafficking and Conspiracy to Traffic in MDMA (also known as Ecstasy). Defendant caught after bringing the drugs into the United States incident to a DEA undercover sting operation. Defendant could be sent to prison for twenty years to life. Incident to a Federal plea agreement with Federal Prosecutors of the United States Department of Justice, the Defendant received a reduction to mere possession with a few months of prison to be served in the Defendant’s home country.


  • Robert Hambrick knows the Criminal Court System in Tampa Bay & Pinellas from the inside having been a Prosecutor.
  • Robert was promoted to the position of Lead Trial Attorney of his Criminal Division at the State Attorney’s Office in Pinellas County.
  • Robert made leadership decisions on criminal cases that included teaching trial skills, strategy and tactics to other prosecutors, presenting evidence to the Grand Jury and always conducting the most significant and important Trials himself,
  • Robert Hambrick’s significant trials included successfully prosecuting Murder Cases, DUI Manslaughter Cases, Vehicular Homicide, Felony Murder Cases, Sexual Battery Cases on Women, Children and even successfully prosecuting a Rape Case where a young man was the victim when he was raped at the jail while awaiting trial on drug charges – The Jury agreed with Robert Hambrick that even in a Jail a young man has the right to say no, Trafficking and Conspiracy in cocaine, arson, firearm and weapons cases, significant fraud, grand theft, armed burglary cases, and the first heroin 25 year mandatory minimum trial and conviction ever conducted in Pinellas County, Battery on a law enforcement cases, and many other extraordinary crimes.
  • All of these cases have contributed to Robert Hambrick’s vast knowledge of the law and given him the expertise to handle your case because Robert knows how to apply the law to even the toughest factual situation making the facts sympathetic to an unbiased jury.


Actual trial experience over the course of hundreds of Trials can not be replicated except by actually doing the Trials as Robert Hambrick has done.
Since opening his law firm, Pinellas Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater in1992, Robert Hambrick has expanded his extraordinary Trial skills by completing complex criminal defense trials in the State of Florida Courts of Tampa Bay, Pinellas and Hillsborough as well as the Federal Court of the Middle District of Florida located in Tampa.
As a seasoned, well respected trial attorney, Robert has had the honor and discipline of handling hundreds of criminal cases including many cases involving complex criminal defense with many successful Jury Trials.

EXCELLENT DEFENSE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA:Clearwater Florida Courtroom photo

Thirty years experience handling Florida Felonies & Misdemeanors of every type and complexity.

  1. IN THIRTY YEARS – Robert has never received a Florida Bar complaint for any reason from any client, which in this business is extraordinary.
  2. Exclusive practice of Criminal Law with exceptional and complete knowledge of local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.
  3. Hundreds of successful Jury & Non-jury Florida Trials Handled over thirty year career.
  4. Hundreds of successful outcomes with dismissals of charges initially filed or arrested.
  5. Hundreds of successful outcomes with reductions from the charge arrested or originally filed upon
  6. Many successful motions filed such as Motions to Dismiss or to Suppress evidence
  7. Case connected to thousands of successful State of Florida Prosecutions and Defenses.
  8. Winning Arguments & Appeals to the Second Circuit Florida Court of Appeals and to the Florida Supreme Court where “On the Court’s on motion, the Briefs filed in the above cases are unsealed because these cases are the subject of the Judicial Teaching Institute. The remainder of the files remain sealed.” (see State of Florida vs. J.P. and State of Florida vs. T.M.,  Florida Supreme Court Cases, SC02-2452, Lower Tribunal No. 2D98-3778; see also, SC02-2288, Lower Tribunal No. 2D97-1736)


Middle District of Florida Member Attorney 1986 to present (FEDERAL COURT, TAMPA)
Over twenty years experience handling Complex Federal Criminal Cases
Federal work in the Middle District of Florida includes successful Trial verdicts
Federal work includes not only successful trials, but Motions, Hearings & Sentences
Wide knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and how the Guidelines will impact sentencing.
Wide knowledge of the investigative techniques of the FBI, DEA, Justice Department and other Federal Agencies
Federal white collar cases handled include mortgage fraud, fraudulent billing and fraud from caregivers – medicare, medicaid fraud.
Wide knowledge of Federal Drug Cases including Trafficking and Conspiracy cases commanding Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
Federal Drug cases handled include cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and many other drugs with significant quantities of drugs.
Wide knowledge of The Federal Grand Jury system & how cases proceed thru the Federal Courts in the Middle District of Florida.

  • Member of the Florida Bar 1984 to present
  • Florida Member in Good Standing 1984 to present
  • Member of the Georgia Bar 1982 to present
  • Georgia Member in Good Standing 1982 to present
  • Attorney Member National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws 2010-present
  • Attorney Member Middle District of Florida Federal Court 1986-presen
  • Founder & President YR-C, 1984
  • Attorney Member Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 1990-present
  • Founding Attorney for Clearwater Criminal Defense Robert Laney Hambrick, Esq. 1990-present
  • Criminal Defense Attorney & Legal Strategist at Your Defense Never Rests, Attorney in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Florida 1990–present
  • Lead Trial Attorney at State Attorney’s Office 1983–1990
  • In Grateful Appreciation for Seven Years of Outstanding Service – My Prosecutor’s Badge Mounted on Wood from the State Attorney’s Office of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Pinellas County, Florida 1990


Robert Hambrick graduated from Emory University School of Law (Juris Doctor, 1982)

U.S. News & World Report ranks Emory as one of the Best Law Schools in the United States.

At Emory, Robert’s advocacy, trial and writing skills of Robert were lauded as excellent. Legal Brief Placed in Law Library & Winning Oral Arguments

Undergraduate: Florida State University (B.S.,1979)

Free Evaluation & Consultation: (727)365-5555

How much does it cost to hire Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Hambrick?

Your initial consultation with Robert is free, so there’s no risk in calling Robert to discuss your case. His fee is based on the amount of work expected, the complexity of your case how the case is resolved by trial or plea.

Robert will work with you to create a fair payment plan if you need time.

My objective is for everyone in the Courtroom to understand that you are not just another case number – you as a person, with a plan for your future and that we are going to be creative in Finding the Best Possible Result for you.


Upon first entering your Tampa Bay Courtroom one of the first things you’ll notice is that the Prosecutors, Public Defenders and the Clerk of Court use shopping carts to hold all of the Defendant’s files.

Shopping Carts – think about that, think about what that says about our Criminal Justice System. Thousands of cases meandering thru the Criminal Justice System as if it were a factory rather than a place to find truth and fairness. In this factory floor of ‘Justice’ every criminal case must always keep moving toward either dismissal, plea or trial.

Eventually, one lawyer, Robert Hambrick, decided he’d had enough of shopping cart justice. The simple secret of Robert Hambrick’s Courtroom success is always finding the Best Possible Result for his Clients. Robert finds the Best Results with dedication, compassion and commitment to his client, demanding that the Justice System treat his client as a person rather than as a mere case number stuck with all the others in a shopping cart.